Welcome Address

   On behalf of the international organizing committee of the 4th Asian Applied Physics Conference (Asian-APC), I would like to extend our cordial welcome and appreciation to all the participants in this conference.

   This conference started as an international session of annual meeting of the Kyushu Chapter, Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP) in 2014 in collaboration with Korean Physical Society, Busan-Ulsan-Kyungnam Branch and Applied Physics Division. From 2016, we upgraded the international session as the Asian Applied Physics Conference (Asian-APC). The numbers of presentations in the international session has increased steadily, starting 4 at Ohita in 2014, 28 at Okinawa in 2015, 45 at Tsushima in 2016, 54 at Miyazaki in 2017 and 81 at Fukuoka last year. More than 40 % of the total presentations of the annual meeting of the JSAP Kyushu Chapter are now presented at the Asian-APC.

Purpose of this conference is to provide an opportunity to the students and young researchers for making exchange their ideas and have an in-depth technical discussion with foreign counterparts in broad research areas of applied physics. We believe that such experience is very valuable and inevitable for students to help internationalize. It would be also a good opportunity for regular members to form an international network among Asia.

I hope this conference will serve as a trigger for strengthening cooperation among the Asian applied physics community. Please also enjoy beautiful nature and rich culture at Kumamoto well-known as a rare groundwater city which provides all of its water supply with natural groundwater.

In closing, I would like to thank to the committee members and sponsors for their great support.

Sincerely yours,
  Prof. Takanobu Kiss
   Chairman of the International Organization Committee, Asian-APC
   Director of the Kyushu Chapter, Japan Society of Applied Physics


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